molly zager


about the designer


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Molly started creating art at a very young age in the basement of her childhood home. In high school, she began to take more intensive art classes, which inspired her area of study in college. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from The University of Vermont in 2014. During her time there, Molly studied printmaking, pottery, drawing, digital art, sculpture, and acrylic painting.

Molly discovered her love for watercolors after her move across the country to California. Her goal is to capture fleeting subjects (food, florals, plants, etc) and immortalize their beauty in a painting.

She began training as a floral designer in 2015 at a florist located in Point Loma, where she currently works. Molly loves using bright colors, multiple textures, and loose organic shapes in her designs.

Molly is currently living in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Her works can be found on her online shop, and these boutiques in OB, Current Collective, Botanica, and Thistle.

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